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Khin Wint Wah

Khin Wint Wah is a Mon ethnicity and she was crowned as Miss Internet of The Miss Supranational 2013 contest. She was 19 at that time, and she was a botany student. She was also listed in most beautiful women of the world by online voting. She is lovely and very cute in nature. She is very famous among Burmese young people. 

The followings are short bio of Khin Wint Wah. 

Myanmar Pretty Model Girl : Khin Wint Wah
Nick Name: -
Date of Birth: September 1994
Relationship Status : Single
Education: Third Year, Botany Studies
Height : 5' 6"
Weight: 100 lbs
Awards: Miss MK Gem (Queen of Beauty Award 2012)

Photos by Zenith Zin.
Original Photos Source:MyanmarCelebrity

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